Home Business Traffic Co-op


Welcome to Frank’s Home Business Traffic Co-op page. The purpose of this page is to explain how the co-op works, so that you can decide if it is a good fit for you.

What is a Traffic Co-op?

A Traffic Co-op is when people pool their money together to purchase larger amounts of advertising so that everyone can get more bang for their buck. Normally, one person moderates or “runs” the Traffic Co-op.

This person is is typically very skilled at online marketing and traffic generation. The person running the Traffic Co-op promotes everyone’s link with a URL rotator.

When is the next Traffic Co-op?

We will be running the Co-op on the 1st and 16th of each month. You can join the Co-op at any time. The traffic will be purchased in bulk on the dates stated above.

That means if you purchase your shares on the 10th day of the month your shares will be placed in the Coop starting on the 16th.


1. The Traffic Co-op is 100% optional. I simply provide this service to help my team get more signups.

2. I collect the payments from everyone participating in the Co-op. The money collected is used to purchase ads from trusted vendors that I have used for many years.

3. Because I am buying large amounts of traffic, I can get us all a great price, plus I have 8 years experience buying traffic online and I know what I am doing.

4. Your URL is added to the link rotator. Your link will keep showing impressions until you reach the amount of clicks you have purchased.

5. People who buy 1 or 2 shares are normally complete in 3 to 5 days from the start of the next coop run. (1st and 15th) People who buy shares are normally complete within 10 days. Everyone who buys more shares will be delivered within 14 days.

6. The rotator rotates through all of the links until everyone has received the amount of clicks they purchased.

7. This is 100% legitimate traffic,(no bots,popovers,guaranteed signups ect.)

Where Do I Purchase Traffic?

The traffic I purchase comes from a variety of trusted sources such as solo ads, pay per click,banner ads ect.

I have about 25 different lead sources that I have been using for years.


1. You must be on auto-ship of at least 25cv to participate.

2. You agree to send each PEM (personally enrolled member) you receive a welcome email and add them to our team Facebook group.

3. You agree to answer any questions you receive from you new signups and offer them help.

4. You understand that there are NO REFUNDS once the Co-op starts. That means you agree not to open a dispute in PayPal or initiate a chargeback on your credit card.

5. You understand that I can not guarantee how many PEMs you will get from the co-op, I can only guarantee quality clicks.

6. You understand that this service is 100% optional.

7. You realize that from time to time someone who visits your site could type in the wrong email or a fake name. This is not common but it happens from time to time.

8. You realize that this should not be the only thing you are doing to grow your business. You should be talking to people and sharing your link with people you know.


Co-op shares are $25 each and you will receive at least 50 click per share to your website.

What Type Of Results Can I expect?

Based on my experience using these traffic sources, typically 1 out of every 6 people who visit your website will fill in the form and become a PEM. Of course, your results could be a little better or a little worse. It just depends on WHO visits your website. I can not guarantee a certain number of PEMS.

How To Maximize Your Efforts

To maximize your traffic you will want to use an email auto-responder to follow up with all of your new team members. This allows you to automatically send out a series of prewritten emails to give them all of the getting started info,encourage them to reach out to you and send weekly updates.

Click Here for a Free 30 Day Trial for the best Email Auto-Responder

Shoot me a message if you want help setting it up. I have a followup series you can use.



If you are ready to get started, purchase your shares below.

After you do so, please send me a private message on Facebook

or email me at: frank.hbnaturals.updates@gmail.com to let me know you made a purchase.

Co-op shares are $25 each and you will receive at least 50 click per share to your website. You can purchase up to 10 shares in each cycle.

Please Be Sure To Message Me Your HBN ID# After You Place Your Order.