The Uncomfortable Truth About Online Marketing


In today’s video I want to talk about the uncomfortable truth about building an online business.

The reason I’m making this video is because anytime you scroll through Facebook or Instagram or on YouTube, and you’re a marketer like me a lot of your feed is other marketers, online gurus and things like that.

When you look at their ads, a lot of them are talking about:

…Sales funnels don’t work!

…Email Marketing is dead!

…Don’t waste time creating content to build your business.

And the thing about that is, the uncomfortable truth is that is only what people want to hear.

That is why they make those ads like that. But the truth of the matter is, those things are exactly what it takes to build a real online business.

I mean, that’s basically the formula to for any online business, whether you have a brick and mortar business and you’re starting to market it online. If you’re in network marketing, if you’re in affiliate marketing, if you’re doing coaching, I mean, the formula is very simple.

The formula is simple.

You have to have traffic. And so you can either buy ads, you can create content or you can talk to people one on one through messenger and things like that.

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Then, once you have that traffic, you have to have a sales process and the only way to have a sales process is to have a sales funnel. Here is a deeper dive into Sales Funnels.

A funnel isn’t some mystical thing. It’s basically a series of web pages that takes a prospect through the buying process.

Then you have to have a way to follow up with that prospect that went through your sales funnel.

The most efficient way to do that is with email marketing with an Email Autoresponder like Aweber. You can try Aweber for free here.

So once they go through your sales funnel, they receive a series of emails that you’ve already written out. So it’s kind of an extension of the sales funnel. And the thing is when people say email marketing is dead, what they mean is, you can’t just have an email list and throw offer after offer after offer and expect it to make money. You have to actually provide value and the same thing with sales funnels, they have to be good.

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There are even people saying that creating content is a waste of time, I can tell you that creating content is probably the best use of your time.
I take this one video and I can turn it into 50 pieces of content and put it on YouTube podcasts, LinkedIn, Instagram and my Blog.

The thing about that is that some of those places like the podcast and YouTube are that people can come across this video or audio, years to come. If you just talk to people one on one and messenger for example, you can talk to 50 or 100 people a day if you really work hard at it. This video, just on Facebook alone, will probably get 200 300 400 views That is putting yourself in front of 2 ,3, 4 hundred people just on Facebook. That’s not counting the people who will see it on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and my blog.

That’s basically what I wanted to talk about you guys, the uncomfortable truth. Don’t buy into all those ads that you see, don’t buy into the courses that had the “the one hack” that’s gonna build your business. There is no “one hack”.

It takes all of these different things. And all of these things require skills like, sales, psychology, persuasion and influence, all kinds of different skills.
It’s completely possible to make money online, but it requires skills. It requires the right tools and it requires a work ethic. No matter what business you’re in, you have to have traffic. You have a sales process, and you have to have a way to follow up with those people.

I know that seems a little overwhelming, especially if you’re someone who’s been in network marketing or something like that, and your up-line is telling you that all you gotta do is just,send the company link to people and get two people are going to get two people and your, your team’s going to grow on its own or something like that.

That’s just not the truth, you guys, the truth is, you have to have a real business to make real money online and the only way that you’re going to do that is to have those three things traffic, sales funnel, and a follow up series.

That’s the only way you can bring in massive amounts of people without you having to be part of the entire process. That’s what a real business is, otherwise you’re just a salesperson.
If you want to create a real business, I actually created a program. It’s my Mindset & Marketing Accelerator Program, and I just launched it this week.


The thing is there’s so many different skills and a few steps to the process, that there’s no course or “one hack” that can help you with this, you know? So I created this ongoing mentorship program where I do weekly live, interactive training where you can ask questions.

You can actually join the accelerator right now, for less than $10. I mean, less than a couple cups of coffee. You can actually get mentored by me someone who’s actually built several successful online businesses. I’ve you know, I’ve got a couple network marketing teams, I’ve made a lot of money in affiliate marketing, and I’ve been doing coaching for three years now.

I have a one on one coaching program, but I found out that I could only work with a limited number of people, or it gets really overwhelming. I realized that not everybody can afford the one on one coaching and that’s why I actually created the Mindset & Marketing Accelerator Program where you can basically get mentored by me on live calls each and every week, and it’s less than a couple cups of coffee each month.



To your online success,
Frank Andrews

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Income Disclaimer: Income results are not typical. Most people make very little or even no money when starting an online business. Affiliate Disclaimer: I make a commission any time you buy a product or service when you click on a link on this site.

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