Wesley Virgin|Overnight Millionaire System Review

Get Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire System Here

What is Wesley Virgin’Overnight Millionaire?

Wesley Virgin is a multi-millionaire, He is known as Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin and one of his well-known products is Fat Diminisher. He teaches his ethos – millionaire mindset – through his other products, and the Overnight Millionaire System is one of them.

“The, millionaire mindset. I know all that. If you want to be a millionaire, start thinking like one. It doesn’t work. It’ll never work.” That’s it, right there. That’s why we (including myself!) are not moving forward much from where we are now.

Of course, the Overnight Millionairesystem” will not spontaneously make you a millionaire. It is a system that made Wesley a millionaire, and he tells you all about it.

Is there anything that you can learn from it? YES! This is not a theoretical “how-to” guide by some mysterious seller from ClickBank. Wesley is real, and he will guide you to the right mental attitude, and teaches a lot of practical tips in selling products as an affiliate.

Overnight Millionaire System is sold for $37, but at your checkout you’ll be given a 10% discount coupon code – this 10% will be used on a good cause. I’ll tell you more about that later.


What is included with the Overnight Millionaire System?

10 x WHYs

Wesley asks you to write down why you want what you want. People are always after technical know-how. But Wesley says it doesn’t matter HOW it’s going to happen at the beginning. It’s much more vital to clarify WHY you want to become a millionaire.

Audio Files

5-Sets of MP3 audio files “Overnight Mindset Hacks” to listen to for a minimum of 60 days – changes your unconscious mind for success and abundance.

Access to the “Millionaire Mindset Hacks

The “Millionaire Mindset Hacks” includes video clips that are both motivational and educational, including;

  1. How to come up with all the ideas that could potentially make you 1 million dollars or more, and write them down.
  2. How to visualize and reflect on having 1 million dollars in your bank account.
  3. How to become a “high-value person” with a successful skill set that people value and will pay for.
  4. It’s important to listen to people who actually have 1 million dollars or more saved up.
  5. Create unshakable belief in yourself to keep pushing forward so you can see results faster.
  6. How to find ways to create multiple streams of income in areas that already are in high demand.
  7. Learn how to become a master at sales, marketing and persuasion as a newbie without reading a lot of books.

Get Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire System Here


Are there upsells with the Overnight Millionaire System?


There are plenty of upsells, including;

  • Affirmation Cash Course ($17) – Affirmations designed to harness the power of the law of attraction and positive thinking, for you to chant them. Wesley’s extremely confident about this product, offering 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee. He even says he’d give you 3x your money back if you weren’t happy.


  • Million Dollar Persuasion & Psychology Techniques ($9) – What makes a person buy or not buy. “Cognitive psychological triggers” to get your customer (or anyone, spouse or a child) with you without resistance.
Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind

But the most powerful one is “Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind” ($99). It’s Wesley’s 10-day course with some mind-boggling subjects including;

  • Day 3 – “Disconnect” – Why your friends and family are the reason you are unable to create the life you deserve. Basically, you may have to cut some people out of your life. You might say “What!? I can’t do that to my friends! Who the hell are you to tell me…?” Then fine. You’ll be stuck where you are, you see? I can’t speak on behalf of Wesley. See what the multi-millionaire actually says.


  • Day 4 – “When a millionaire speaks…shut up!” – All you need to know about socializing with millionaires, even down to what to wear, what to take and what to trash.
  • Day 5 – “A Millionaire’s Best Kept Secret” – True reasons why you’ve never been successful in your life. As mentioned earlier, it’s not about “how”, but it’s a “why” mentality that matters.
  • Day 6 – “Sexual Transmutation” – This is a very interesting one. An ancient method (use your sexual desires to create wealth in life), proven to 95% of millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. With Wesley’s personal experience.
  • Day 8 – “Wealth Fundamentals Were Never Taught In School” – College won’t help you become the successful person you deserve to be. I absolutely agree with that. People who have the least knowledge of money are teachers. (No disrespect – I’m from that kind of background myself).
  • Day 10 – “Be A Giver” – why you must give in order to receive. Why sharing your wealth will make you even richer. This is another one of most wonderful things that Wesley has, and teaches.

Create Better Sales Page

Of course, the product is not just about affirmations, but he will also give you some tips to increase sales. He advises Amazon and ClickBank have the best products, and all the tips he provides are invaluable for every new internet marketing hopeful. For example;

  • The importance of becoming an expert in your chosen niche.
  • Wesley’s “million dollar formula” – address a problem, find out how many people have the problem, and create the solution.
  • Create ideas instead of having to chase “tricks”.
  • As an affiliate, the key is to make your sales page better than the seller’s original page.

Who is Wesley “Billion Dollar’ Virgin?

This is how it got started… A long time ago, when he was a kid, his dad bought Wesley his first computer at eight-years- old. After that day, he was fascinated by computers next 10, 20 years. He got his my first computer job as an IT guy at a dealership in Houston, TX making $7 an hour.

He did everything for them for 7 years and loved it. Wesley remembers working my ass off “like you can’t even imagine”. HE used to wake up at three o’clock in the morning working for the dealership to make sure that everything was in line. He was a work-a- holic because he loved what he did . However, something amazing happened to him at that dealership which change his life forever

One day, a bad virus got in the system and messed everything up. The dealer came to him. He said, “Hey, what’s going on?” He said, “Man, it’s a virus in the system. We’re working on it.” He said, “You know what? You’re done here.” He didn’t give him a ny warning. He didn’t say, “Wesley, do a better job and get it fixed!” He said, “You’re gone. Get your last check and get out.”

It was very shocking to him because he had a close relationship with his boss and his family. He was his friend and he use to hang out at his office and his house all the time.

Wesley was stunned, but if he didn’t have that experience, he wouldn’t be the millionaire that he is today. He was loyal to him. But then he found out there was no loyalty in business. There was no loyalty into working for a company. At the end of the day, the owner of the company is more interested in his interests, not yours. He employs you, he expects you to do some work, but at the end of the day, if you’re causing him to lose money? He’ll let you go with no emotion behind it.

Wesley knew for sure now that he would never, for the rest of his life, work for somebody and he was determined to find a way out.

After that, he had many other computer jobs as a contractor making up to $200,000 a year. He was making good money. However, he never had any time to enjoy the money!

He was constantly on meetings and flying all the time. He just couldn’t enjoy life because he was always on call. At this point I wanted a different life, and I said, “Can it be easier?”

At that time, He was also a personal trainer and very passionate about it. He thought “What if I could train people and work less at the same time?” And that is when it hit him. His  life changing idea. He said “You know what, I’m training people. I wonder if I can create a website where people go to train, and pay me money while I sleep.” Several failed websites later, He finally made one that would make him is first million dollars the first month.

It took Him about seven years to figure it out. Seven years of trying everything he could possibly think of to make money online effortlessly and easily. And that’s why he got into it. He got into it because he wanted to make money easily, and he wanted to have a lifestyle instead of just working for someone and trading your time to receive money. I wanted to live life on my terms and I wanted the money to come in on autopilot. The internet did that for him and it can do it for others too. If you can create something amazing for people that will change their lives, they will pay you for it. His goal, his purpose, was to change the lives of people in a better way using the power of the internet. If you do that, it will make the world a much better place.

That is exactly what Overnight Millionaire does!

Get Wesley Virgins Overnight Millionaire System Here

Use the Code:” IWANTTHISNOW” and save 10%


2 thoughts on “Wesley Virgin|Overnight Millionaire System Review

  1. I was on youtube and searching for some videos of online earning. Suddenly I watch the video of Wesley. I watch every single video and found it like it was a scam. But I was thinking often that the course charges a little amount of money so I bought the course. Done everything well and It really helps a lot. I must thank Wesley for the millionaire course.


  2. Hey Wesley is the real deal! Here is a FREE training session from Wesley and his team ht tps :// bit .ly/ 3iFP 4W6. (Just Remove the spaces in the website) About 45mins in he reveal some pretty interesting things.


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