How to Use Solo Ads To Generate Traffic and Leads – Udimi Review



What Is Udimi Solo Ads?

Udimi is a network where advertisers and publishers exchange trades specifically for solo ads. Currently there is no other major network similar to Udimi where any individuals are free to join. So what is Udimi solo ads? Today I’d like to show you what it is and review the services I often receive there.

What Is A Solo Ad?

“Solo” as in single, meaning one mailshot that goes out to a list of people. A publisher (“Solo Seller”) has a list of email addresses which is confidential to themselves. You as an advertiser write a sales letter in email format (“email swipe”), with a link to your web page, or whatever page you want the recipients to visit. And a solo seller sends your email swipe out on your behalf for a fee.


Udimi – How Much Does It Cost You?

You make a payment in advance, but will be charged per click. Means you’ll only be charged each time a recipient click to open your web page. Plus $3 flat administration fee to Udimi each time you place a solo ad order.

With sellers advertised in Udimi, typical fee is around $0.35 – $0.60 per click. The number of clicks starts from 50 up to 1,000. So if a seller’s fee is $0.50 per click and you want your swipe email clicked by 100 people, it will be $50. Plus $3 admin fee = $53 in total to pay in advance. Does it make sense? I’ll show one Udimi seller as an example later on this page.


Why choose Udimi?

It is easily the best place for finding solo ad providers. No more scrounging forums for vendors of questionable credibility.

  • Sellers usually over-deliver the number of clicks which is always a nice surprise.
  • Usable filters by ratings, sales delivered/converted, and price.
  • Random $5 discounts given when you use the service platform by buying ads and rating users.
  • Previous headlines and email copy are automatically saved and can be used at any time. No need to write from scratch.

Any downsides for Udimi?

  • Sales conversion rating (or % of buyers metric) can be overstated.
  • Other traffic filters available only for an extra fee.
  • Most sellers are in the ‘making money online’ niche.

So, is Udimi worth a try?

Definitely, if traffic is what you’re after, then solo ads are worth your time and money. With a little creativity and the reasonable rates on offer, you are sure to make something out of solo ads. And as mentioned earlier, approving them is also less stringent than say Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. Thus, making it an easier and more practical option for a lot of ad purchasers.

However, it is worth mentioning again that good solo ad providers used to be difficult to find. Checking credentials and past performances is next to impossible. That is until solo ads marketplaces like Udimi made everything so much easier.

By creating a platform for sellers and buyers and taking out the guesswork with a rating system, Udimi was able to provide the market with a usable method in looking for quality service providers. This makes Udimi an essential tool for any solo ad buyer.

Is Udimi worth the investment? For an easy way to increase your traffic and build your email list, the ready answer is yes. And if you are after value for your money in achieving those metrics, then I’d say, even more so! Definitely, Udimi and solo ads are worth a try.

If you’d like to give it a try then just click the button below to sign up for an account and receive $5 for FREE.



By: Frank Andrews

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