InstaBio Builder Review and Demo


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As we all know Instagram allow their users to add just only 1 link to their bio profile. This is BIG limitations with Instagram that hold your subscribers back from getting the most of the FREE traffic that they can generate with Instagram. And you can’t have multiple links going to different things…

You’re only able to add ONE.

That means you have to choose ONE PLACE to send ALL of the traffic from your Instagram profile. And this can be a tough decision…

Especially if you’re looking to use your Instagram following to grow your social reach across other platform AND showcase your products or services…

InstaBio has overcome such limitations. Your subscribers now have control of where their FREE Instagram Bio link traffic goes. Users can link their social profiles and messaging platforms to their generated bio pages, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat VT, Buffer, Patreon, Google+, Flickr

They can add unlimited links/buttons of their new blog posts, article, contents, products, affiliate offers, you name it.

With complete customization, retargeting and tracking built in. Awesome mobile rendering and responsiveness And connect custom domains and high converting custom URL shortener.

This is a cloud based app and there will be no messing with APIs or complicated solutions.

This was built with non techy and newbie in mind. to get access to Instabio Go HERE – and get My Exclusive bonuses

Thanks for watching!

By: Frank Andrews

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