Pixel Scout Review

The brand new Pixel Scout has naturally gotten a lot of attention lately. Thousands of marketers have already

made the wise decision to grab it and the reviews have been raving.

See it for yourself here:

=> Watch The Demo

Naturally I have also received a lot of questions about Pixel Scout and I’m going to try to answer the most common ones in this Q&A email.

Let’s start with the obvious…

Q: What is Pixel Scout?

A: It’s a system for, almost automatically, finding small businesses that need help with online marketing, for easily converting them into paying clients and for delivering them a service that takes very little of your time while still paying you $500+ minimum per client,per month.

Q: Yuck, do I need to do any selling or cold calling?

A: Nope, none at all. That’s the real beauty of this system… it does the heavy lifting and all the selling for you. You only have to reply to emails from people who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Q: Do I need any experience or special skills?

A: None whatsoever! This is a complete “business in a box” system. The software takes care of finding your clients and the system also comes with step by step instructions on how to fulfill your orders.

Q: Does this only work in the US market?

A: No far from it. They have added global search functionality to Pixel Scout and it will work for any niche… in any country!

Q: Are there any bonuses?

A: Yeah, they are offering some exclusive bonuses when you secure your copy of Pixel Scout today. You can set them on the page below. Just be aware that the bonuses are very time limited and only available during the early bird period.

Q: Will the price go up (and if so, when?)

A: Yes. Right now you can still grab Pixel Scout at the low early bird price. But when the launch week special ends the price will go up… guaranteed!

That should answer the most frequently asked questions I have gotten.

You can read more about Pixel Scout here,
You can read more about Pixel Scout here, the page and video goes a great job at explaining everything.

=> Watch Now

Just be aware that the launch week is ending very soon!

In fact, the launch special ends tomorrow, which means that this is your last chance to grab Pixel Scout at the low early bird price and to secure your access to all the bonuses.

=> Claim Your Early Bird Discount





By: Frank Andrews

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